Welcome to the Nienburg Museum!

We greatly appreciate your interest in our regional museum, here in Nienburg, Germany, in the state of Lower Saxony. Our museum focuses exclusively on the "Mittelweser", the central portion of Northern Germany's many-faceted Weser River region. 

The central Weser region begins where the Weser River leaves the "Porta Westfalica", the expansive gap it has carved out over the ages in the Wiehen Hills near the city of Minden in neighbouring Westphalia.   In the original sense of the term, the "Mittelweser" (central Weser region), comprises the area along the middle portion of the Weser River between the cities of Minden and Bremen, thus spanning three German states: North-Rhine Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Bremen.

Lower Saxony's portion of the central Weser region constitutes the geographic heart of the state, with the City of Nienburg as its hub.

As part of the North German Lowland Plain, the central Weser region characteristically displays few significant changes in elevation. On both sides of the Weser and her tributaries we find expansive marsh, heath and moor landscapes, along with abundant forested areas.  As far as land utilization is concerned, wide-spread agriculture typically predominates.    

Once part of the settlement area of the West-Germanic tribe of the Saxons, this region  experienced no significant mixing or influxes in regard to population until the upheavals  resulting from the massive displacement of inhabitants following the Second World War and the more recent wave of  "Spätaussiedler" (ethnic Germans who have migrated to Germany since 1993).  In addition to Standard German, Low German is still relatively widely spoken and is currently experiencing a marked revival.

Unique features of our museum include the Biedermeier Garden; the Lapidarium with its diverse works of art carved from sandstone originating along the central portion of the Weser River, representing 900 years of our region's history, as well as the Asparagus Museum of Lower Saxony.

We are delighted to have you join us on your virtual visit around our website today and hope to soon be able to welcome you to our museum in person!


Dr. des. Kristina Nowak-Klimscha 
(Museum Director) and our whole museum team


Translated by
Ingrid G. Jaster, B.A.
Oyle - Alte Rott 3
31608 Marklohe